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Relax Your Body And Mind With Massage Therapy in Today

Relax Your Body And Mind With Massage Therapy in Today

The benefits and positive effects of massage therapy are far reaching. At Chiropractic Whole Health, our team provides massage therapy for a wide range of issues depending on the needs of the individual patient. Whether a patient comes in after an accident, with a traumatic injury, or is simply wanting to cope with stress, we are able to assist with various massage techniques.

Focused massage therapy is a very effective compliment to spinal adjustments and other chiropractic healing techniques.

Massage Therapy for whiplash

Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration trauma, or CAD trauma, is commonly known as whiplash. Whiplash is a complicated injury that can manifest with neurological and physical symptoms, many of which may emerge weeks or months after the date of injury. Sufferers of whiplash can see symptoms persist with increasing intensity for months or even years. Some of the most common physical symptoms include tissue damage, weakness, restricted motion, pain, balance impairment, and vertigo. In addition to the physical components of whiplash, many sufferers experience psychobiological symptoms such as depression or anxiety.

Massage therapy can improve many of the symptoms of whiplash. Myofascial release can help ease tension in the neck muscles and face, relieving stiffness. Trigger point massage is used to help improve oxygen flow and relax the muscles and prevent prolonged muscle tension. Once the muscles are relaxed, deep tissue massage can relieve deep contraction in the scar tissue, and relax tissue that has tightened around nerves.

Massage therapy for stress

Stress can have an extremely negative impact on patients' lives. It can exacerbate symptoms of chronic conditions and is even a risk factor for certain conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Massage therapy can help enhance blood circulation and lower stress levels. The technique used varies by individual, but in general, deep tissue, trigger point, and reflexology massage are all helpful for reducing stress.

At Chiropractic Whole Health, we believe massage therapy is a proven and effective method for helping our patients to relax both the mind and body. For more information, call us at 610-438-2015 today. Our office is conveniently located at 3413 Sullivan Trail in Easton, PA.

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