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Patients in Easton, Pennsylvania learn about the benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy has been offered in the United States for over 150 years. Many people associate massage therapy with softly lit, quiet rooms, attended by people who want to relax and manage stress.

While massage therapy can be a very effective method of minimizing stress, there are many other reasons residents in the Easton, Pennsylvania area may consider it.

For starters, massage therapy can be a great way to loosen muscles, relieving some of life's daily aches and pains. Massage can also effectively improve circulation, enhance energy, and increase flexibility.

At Chiropractic Whole Health, we utilize massage therapy daily in our practice as a way to improve our patients' health.

Some of the benefits of massage therapy can include:

  • Relief from back pain – If you suffer from back pain, you know that it can impair your ability to stand up and move around freely. This affects your daily life, causing you to miss work, physical activity and social functions. Some patients deal with dull, aching or stabbing pains that can last for months at a time. Massage therapy can provide some relief, and in some cases reduce the amount of medication necessary.

  • Minimizing headaches – Several types of headaches can be relieved by massage therapy, reducing symptoms and improving sleep.

  • Arthritis pain relief – Many Americans suffer from debilitating pain and stiffness from arthritis. Massage therapy can provide relief and improve mobility and function for these patients.

  • Anxiety relief – Numerous studies have shown that massage therapy is effective at lowering cortisol levels, also known as the "stress hormone". This can help patients who suffer from anxiety and depression.

  • Overall improvement in health – Because massage therapy can help lower stress levels, increase circulation and minimize pain and inflammation from certain medical conditions, it can improve overall health and quality of life for many patients.

Whether you have an underlying health condition, have recently been in injured, or simply wish to have another method of combatting your stress and anxiety, massage therapy from any of the four licensed massage therapists at Chiropractic Whole Health can help.

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