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Chiropractic Whole Health treats patients from Easton, Forks Township, Palmer Township, Phillipsburg, and Nazareth with the highest standard of care. Whether for a car accident, work injury, or a desire to perform at optimal levels, our team gives our all for you. We appreciate the feedback our patients offer and invite you to read their testimonials.

If you have visited us for your first time or multiple times - please provide your feedback!

 I am so happy to find a chiropractor who I can trust, knowing he listens to your situation and has the knowledge to treat! THANK YOU! I am feeling so much better! 


I called for the first time, Susan got me in right away and was friendly. Dr. Bailey put me at ease as I was nervous because I couldn't move my head. Staff and Dr could not have been any nicer. I would highly recommend them.


I called somewhat desperate on a Saturday with pretty bad lower back pain (had never been there before). This was the only chiropractor to call me back that day and the receptionist said the Dr was booked, but if he didn't have anything scheduled he might be able to stay after his normal hours. Unfortunately he had other plans, but I was still impressed that this sounded like a regular thing they would do for someone in pain. We made an appointment for 1st thing Monday morning. You can't ask for more than that! I was impressed! Very organized and friendly. I had 2 visits and each time I left SO MUCH better than I had gone in. I've been to 1 other chiropractor who was a little quick with adjustments (not rough, but kind of abrupt). Dr. Bailey was not like that at all. I left there very at ease and in way less pain than I went in. T hank you for your excellent service. If the need arises, I will definitely use you again.


Dr. Kevin really took the time to listen to my health issues and concerns. We went over my nutrition and supplements. I was glad to see that he took his time with the adjustment and evaluated my overall condition. I felt great later that day.


Felt very comfortable from the very beginning. Dr. Bailey came in with a listening ear and worked with me to help me figure out what was wrong and how to fix it! I will highly recommend to others!


Everyone that I had interaction with was phenomenal! The website is great! Your staff if so nice and extremely Friendly! You can tell he (Dr. Smith) sincerely cares for the health and well being of the person he is meeting with. Thank you for understanding and taking the time to meet with me! I feel better just knowing that your practice cares for my well being. I look forward to my future visits.


For nearly 10 years Dr. Rob has helped with many different issues be they related to my back locking up, muscular issues, or problems with my neck, foot, or legs. He takes the time to assess what is going on and address any issues with care. He has done therapies when muscles needed it and has given me strengthening and stretching movements to do at home. Through his care I have enjoyed the best health I could hope for. I know my wife feels exactly the same. We have both recommended Dr. Rob to many people!

Danny F.

Very informative, answering all my questions and making sure I understood everything. He (Dr. Bailey) made sure that I was comfortable with everything he was going to do for my first visit which was nice!


Dr. Rob has helped me tremendously after I was involved in a car accident. He genuinely wants to help his patients feel as healthy and pain free as possible. He is extremely knowledgeable and kind. His staff is welcoming and very helpful. I've been under Dr. Robs care for several years and trust him fully, not only with my health, but the health of my husband and children. He is now as much our doctor as he is our friend. I highly recommend him!

Bay L.

Dr. Rob and his team go above and beyond caring about my health. He not only genuinely cares; he always listens and offers what is usually the perfect advice. He is such a kind doctor and does his best to help you and if for some reason he cannot, he won't hesitate to refer you to a specialist. I trust Dr. Rob 100% and I have been a patient of his for several years.

Ma D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Smith's for several years now. I have had numerous back and neck problems which have caused me great pain, and loss of activity/work. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs were not for me. Thanks to Dr. Smith's treatments and care, I am fully functional! I credit his systematic approach, his rehabilitative exercises, and overall concern with my health for this. He has earned my trust, and I highly recommend him to everyone in my life. The entire office is extremely professional and just plain nice. I feel that I owe them all a great deal as I can enjoy my life and regular activities again. 

Sarah L.

I absolutely love this office. I come in with all kinds of random issues, from run-of-the-mill tight shoulders or a tweaked lower back, to knee or foot pain (thanks, yoga, or just aging and life in general), and Dr. Rob fixes me right up. His toolbox is varied--there's often some new technique he brings out. He works on the muscles to loosen them up before adjusting you, which to me is a big deal, because some chiros don't take this step and they just go in and do their business and send you on your way. I love talking to him about nutrition and food and the body; his knowledge of these topics is extensive and, naturally, holistic. He was also the first person to accurately assess my thyroid/adrenal issues, before I went for more extensive testing, so for that I am grateful, too. Yes, chiros can and DO order lab work.

Carrie H.

Finding a good chiropractor is hard, so when you find one let it be known. I strongly recommend Dr. Kevin. No pressure, no unnecessary visits and quality care with flexible hours.

Carlos G.

I was referred here by a couple of friends. Scheduling was a breeze, I liked that all the paperwork was online, and office staff were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Rob was thorough and answered all of my questions. I liked the muscle work he did before adjusting me, and treatment felt great! Happy to be back to working out.

Lee S.

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