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Skills To Improve Your Flexibility, Mobility, Performance and Quality of Life



Chiropractic care addresses imbalances and joint mobility issues not only in the spine, but in every joint of the body as well. Through what we call the "Kinetic Chain", a foot problem can alter movements in the ankle, knee, hip and into the spine. Likewise, a wrist problem can cause a domino effect of problems into the elbow, shoulder and neck. Because we treat the Whole Person, Drs. Rob and Kevin will evaluate the whole Kinetic Chain to determine the source of, and solution to, your problem.

Wrist: One of the most common non-spinal injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition occurs when the median nerve that passes through the wrist ligaments becomes inflamed or compressed. In many instances, the underlying cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is found in the joints of the elbow, shoulder, or neck. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and wrist, soft tissue procedures, ultrasound, exercise and massage therapy have all proven effective in treating this condition.

Elbow: Many people have heard the terms "tennis elbow." or "golfer's elbow". These conditions, lateral and medial epicondylitis, are not just seen in athletes but also in office workers, mechanics, carpenters, cashiers, and others who may repeatedly move the forearm in a rotary motion.

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Shoulder: Pain in the shoulder area may be isolated or may also involve the arm, through which pain may radiate. The shoulder is a highly mobile joint which also requires great strength, making it a more complex area to treat. Dr. Smith and Dr. Bailey can evaluate whether a shoulder injury requires referral to an orthopedic specialist, or whether it can be treated in our office using rehabilitative and physical therapy procedures.

Hip: The area called the "pelvic girdle" includes the hips and the sacrum. This region is the foundation of the spinal column and problems with these sacroiliac joints affect the efficiency of nerve transmission from the spine to the lower body. Drs. Smith and Bailey understand that many times, problems of the hip stem from joints either above or below the pelvic girdle. With hip adjustments and evaluation of the cause of mobility issues, comfort and functionality can improve.

At Chiropractic Whole Health, we treat the spine and various other joints, including the toes, feet, ankles, jaw, and more. Our extensive training and background in sports medicine provides us with the unique experience to assess and treat a variety of conditions.

Some of the issues addressed with extremity adjustments include:

  • Weakness or fatigue in the feet, legs, hands and arms

  • Pain in extremities

  • Joints that "catch"

  • Stiffness or limited range of motion

  • Chronic problems in the hips or shoulder area

  • Chronic back pain or mobility issues

Your Easton, PA chiropractor has the focused training and skills to improve your flexibility, mobility, performance, and your quality of life. Contact Chiropractic Whole Health today.

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