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Chiropractic health care with our experienced team involves the assessment of the spine and other joints, the analysis of diagnostic testing such as MRI, and attention to lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. Focusing on these "big three" (Chiropractic, Nutrition, Exercise) components of health allows our doctors to develop custom health care for each individual patient. Through a personalized treatment plan, it is possible to optimize health and vitality. We work with patients of all ages and have specific training and experience in helping athletes prevent and recover from injuries.

Chiropractic health care is more than adjustments to the spine or extremities. This area of medicine provides treatment that balances alignment, mobility, and stability. Alignment is the symmetry and balance of your body’s posture. Mobility is not only how far you can move, but also the quality of your movements. Stability is about how strong and solid muscles and joints are in supporting those movements.


Drs. Rob, Kevin and Joe go beyond joint mobility and consider everything from the feet up, as the body needs structural balance in order to perform at optimal, pain-free levels. When you visit Chiropractic Whole Health in Easton, we will assess functional mechanics such as foot posture, knee position, and the positions of the hips, shoulders, and various joints.

In the course of 21 years of combined clinical practice, our Doctors have demonstrated that muscle and joint pain can be successfully treated with chiropractic care.


Furthermore, we have consistently seen patients experience improvement with other health issues as their bodies have become more functional.

Chiropractic treatments

At Chiropractic Whole Health, we are experts in correcting dysfunction of alignment, mobility or stability. Chiropractic adjustments are the main method of treatment at Chiropractic Whole Health. They are effective in treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders, and can assist in the treatment of many other conditions. Our patients range in age from newborn to 95 years old. We see patients from couch potato to professional athlete. Drs. Rob, Kevin and Joe use a wide range of techniques to improve your joint function. Some of the more popular chiropractic techniques we use include:

  • Activator

  • Cox Flexion distraction

  • Cranial adjusting

  • Diversified

  • Extremity adjusting

  • Gonstead

  • Meric System

  • Motion Palpation Technique

  • Nimmo Receptor Tonus technique

  • Sacro Occipital technique/SOT

  • Thompson Drop Technique

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Additional therapies

The chiropractic adjustment can be complemented by various adjunct therapies. In our office, a treatment plan may involve:

  • Treatments may include:

  • acupuncture point stimulation

  • ART/Active Mm release

  • balance and coordination

  • chiropractic manipulation

  • cupping

  • diet counsel or supplementation

  • dynamic spinal rehabilitation

  • electrical muscle stimulation

  • ergonomics evaluation

  • Graston/IASTM

  • heat/cold

  • kinesiotaping

  • massage therapy

  • muscle re-education

  • myofascial release

  • neurodynamics

  • personalized exercises

  • sinus acupressure

  • soft tissue techniques

  • specialist referrals

  • stress management

  • trigger point therapy

  • ultrasound/diathermy

  • weight loss and detox

If necessary, our team can make referrals to specialists such as orthopedists.

From head to toe, the biomechanics of your body will affect your quality of life. Let us help you maximize your comfort, your performance, your health! Call Chiropractic Whole Health today.

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