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In addition to therapies aimed at neuromuscular wellness, our Holistic Health Coach and Doctors provide care in the area of nutrition. Patients who want to address health concerns beyond a musculoskeletal injury benefit immensely from our wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of nutritional medicine.

"Wellness" is not something that can be measured with standard testing and exams. Our nutritional program operates from a standpoint of customization based on your symptoms, lab work, exam results and goals. We identify areas in which optimization is necessary and we target those key systems and physiologic processes through nutritional balance. When the body's systems come into balance, you will feel the effects of optimal health and healing.

What we do:

  • Questionnaires and Symptom Surveys-give us an overview of your specific areas of deficiency or symptoms.

  • Lab Testing-either traditional blood work or more specialized testing to uncover the specific causes of illness.

  • Examination-a unique evaluation with Dr. Smith to determine areas of abnormality.

  • Consultation-1-on-1 time discussing your symptoms, struggles, results and goals, in order to develop a plan for wellness.

  • Support-follow up to help you overcome obstacles or questions along the way.

Who we can help:

  • Individuals whose health concerns and symptoms are elusive and have not responded to traditional forms of treatment. This can be frustrating! Our understanding of nutrition and the body can provide the answers to your concerns.

  • Individuals who suffer from injuries or degenerative conditions can be assisted in healing and recovery through improved nutrition.

  • Individuals who are free of disease and are relatively healthy but who want to maximize physical and emotional well-being through proactive nutritional changes will benefit from our program.

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Dr. Smith has spent a lot of time researching the very best high quality, scientifically tested supplements from the following companies: Douglas Labs, Standard Process, Liquid Health, Progesterall, and Lauricidin We have used these products with patients for years with no side effects and great results.

Nutritional analysis of lab work


Most often, lab work consists of the analysis of specific blood values, such as white blood cell count or cholesterol. Lab values can determine whether you are experiencing sickness or disease. However, our nutritional analysis can note areas of excess or deficiency that may be impeding optimal physical wellness. We look at vitamins, minerals, ratios of blood values, and other components of nutrition. This allows us to counsel you on the dietary changes and supplementation that will help you feel and function at your best.

Nutritional exam


Dr. Smith's focused nutritional exam takes about half an hour. This process analyzes your answers to our targeted questionnaire, and the results of a physical exam. This process helps us identify if and where intervention needs to occur, as well as what specific areas need to be addressed. The Nutritional Exam includes simple tests done in our office, and may include a urine specimen and fingerstick.

Pls Download and Print our Symptom Survey here

Specialized testing


We also offer specialized lab testing which is typically not ordered by medical doctors and not covered by insurance. Among the companies we use are: 
ALCAT: Food sensitivity testing 
ZRT labs: Saliva and Blood Spot testing of hormones 
Doctors Data: Stool and Hair analysis 
DUTCH test: Comprehensive hormone testing

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