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Committed to supporting you as you implement changes

Meet Jennifer

Holistic Health Coach


What is a Health Coach and how can one benefit me? A health coach’s main role is to guide, mentor and empower clients along their personal journey through transformational healing. Our Holistic Health Coach, Jennifer, is deeply committed to assisting others meet their goals, gain massive amounts of energy, relieve pain, heal their bodies and nourish themselves with foods that help them to thrive. A health coach not only educates clients on best health practices for their particular body and life situation but provides ongoing accountability, educated insight, directed guidance and ongoing support throughout the working client-coach relationship.

As your health coach, Jennifer is committed to supporting you as you implement changes whether they be dietary or lifestyle and will help you navigate all of the bumps in the road, the various questions that may arise and the frustrations along the way. She will help you get to the root of your health struggles and find the desired health and wellness you long for without feeling like you are on a restrictive diet.

Are you ready for transformation? If you would like to schedule your consultation with Jennifer either online via Skype or over the phone, please book it HERE or email Jennifer today. Visit Keeping It Real With Jen to view prices.

"I was skeptical at first having never been to a chiropractor. Dr. Smith has changed my mind! His care has been invaluable. Dr. Smith listens thoroughly and does a detailed examination. The combination of therapy, exercise, adjustments and nutrition is truly holistic. Highly recommended!"

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