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Working With Athletes and Patients of All Ages



Chiropractic rehabilitation is an area of physical medicine through which we help patients minimize pain, maximize function and improve physical performance. Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Bailey have extensive training that enables them to identify areas of concern and create a treatment plan through which movements become optimally functional.

Prior to his attendance at New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Bailey received a degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training. He worked with numerous athletes during his employment at Orthopedic Associates of Allentown. Coupled with his chiropractic degree this education and experience guides Dr. Bailey in his treatment of patients with various types of injuries as well as those who want to prevent injury with the proper management of biomechanics.

Dr. Smith holds board certification in Chiropractic Rehabilitation as well as Functional Movement Systems. He is one of fewer than 200 chiropractors in the United States who have achieved diplomacy in Chiropractic Rehabilitation.

In the rehabilitation area of Chiropractic Whole Health, we assess, guide, and monitor patients as they recover from injury or work toward optimal performance through improved balance, coordination, and strength. We’ll help you return to sports or just normal everyday activities.

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Functional Movement Systems


The Functional Movement System (FMS) screens movement patterns and assigns a grade. The grading system allows us to identify asymmetries and functional limitations in the body more easily. As we score movements, we are able to apply targeted corrective exercise where it is most needed to support mechanically sound patterns of movement.

The functional paradigm is unique in that is relies on principles more so than protocols or techniques. This modality is a wonderful adjunct to chiropractic care, as it goes beyond pain relief and it is performed with the goal of helping the patient resume activities as desired. While pain may be an aspect that needs to be addressed, functional therapy seeks to resolve the dysfunction behind pain, thus producing lasting results through structural integrity.

Why patients choose chiropractic rehabilitation and FMS

  • The fundamentals of movement are the central focus

  • Weaknesses, limitations and physical imbalances are identified through the grading system

  • We work from a functional baseline and track progress from here

  • Simple corrective exercises lead to healthier fundamental movement patterns

  • Training and conditioning can be individualized to achieve specific results

  • The potential for injury is reduced

Chiropractic Whole Health works with athletes and patients of all ages and activity levels to optimize physical comfort and performance. See how we can help you feel your best. Call our office today.

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