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Best Types of Custom Orthotics Available

Best Types of Custom Orthotics Available

Custom orthotics can help correct abnormal or irregular walking patterns. For people who have issues with comfort while walking, running, or even standing, these prescription inserts can be extremely helpful. Many people wonder how custom orthotic inserts differ from those available over the counter. If you’ve been in any drug store, you’ve noticed there is a wide range of available orthotics. While these products can help people with mild issues, they cannot compare to the correction provided by custom orthotics designed to fit an individual’s unique foot structure. Similar to prescription eye glasses, custom orthotics are intended solely for the individual they are prescribed for. A weight bearing scan of the foot is made, to create a “pressure map”, which is then sent off to a laboratory along with a prescription for the orthotic. Custom orthotics can vary in size, shape and materials. The three main types of custom orthotics are listed below.

Rigid Orthotics

Rigid Orthotic inserts are designed to force the foot into “ideal” posture, and are typically used in walking or dress shoes. These orthotics are typically made by Podiatrists, and they tend to “crutch” the foot and transmit shock from the foot to the knee and hip without absorbing any of this pressure. Most rigid orthotic inserts are made of tough materials such as hard plastic or polymers. Because they control motion in the joints below the ankle, they are very effective at correcting severe deformities or encouraging proper arch formation in children. However, we find that because they are not comfortable, patients are not compliant with wearing them.

Soft Orthotics

The doctors at Chiropractic Whole Health use an affordable, over the counter brand (Protech) for patients who are not in need of significant correction or who are more cost conscious. These soft orthotic inserts are primarily protective in nature and are made of comfortable, cushioned materials. They are useful in relieving excess pressure on sore spots and can help absorb shock and improve balance. Soft orthotics start at the heel and extend the length of the sole, including the toes.

Adaptive Orthotics

Dr. Rob and Dr. Kevin recommend this type of orthotic for most patients. The intent of this type of support is to balance posture correction with comfort. The primary role of adaptive orthotics is a combination of protection and improved functionality. Our doctors find that patients immediately like the feel of these orthotics and get used to them right away. Patient compliance is very good. If you are experiencing pain that you think may be directly related to an ill-supported foundation, call Chiropractic Whole Health today to schedule an evaluation. Custom orthotics is just one way we help our clients with their total health and wellness. Browse our website to learn more about the services we provide for patients in or around the Easton area. Custom Orthotics Easton PA: Prescription orthotics can improve foot function; provide protection and a combination of the two. Call (610) 438-2015 today.

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