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Kinesio Taping Can Help With Sports Injury and Performance

Kinesio Taping Can Help With Sports Injury and Performance

Kinesiology is the study of human movements, which makes it an integral and complementary part of chiropractic health. In our office, we utilize kinesiology taping or “kinesio taping” for several different reasons, including: treatment and rehabilitation for sports injuries, injury prevention, to facilitate proper muscle movement, and to enhance athletic performance. If you are an athlete who is looking for proper and effective kinesio taping, look no further than the team at Chiropractic Whole Health in Easton, PA. We offer our patients the following techniques:

Performance Taping

Kinesiology tape can be applied to different muscles and joints on the body to aid in proper movement and ensure optimal function. One example is taping the knees to help them move and glide smoothly during high intensity activity.

Decompression Taping

Kinesiology tape is unique because it can physically lift the skin to relieve compression that builds up between the muscle and the skin. This allows blood to flow more easily throughout the lymphatic system and can aid in injury healing.

Pain Management Taping

Muscles that are inflamed can be taped to help relieve swelling and pain. This method is especially helpful for aching muscles as the flexible tape allows blood to flow more freely while still allowing the muscle to move. Pain management taping is common for injuries such as shin splints, lower back, and knee pain.

Fascial Movement Taping

Fascia are bands of connective tissue that surround muscles and organs throughout the body. Fascia acts as a protector of the body part it covers and optimizes functionality. Kinesio taping for fascia considers movement patterns to achieve desired movement. Whether you are looking for pain relief, interested in increasing physical performance, or want to prevent injury, there is a solution with kinesio taping. Because the tape is latex-free, it can stay on the body for several days and does not need to be removed for showering or swimming. If you are Easton, PA or the surrounding area and would like to learn more about the benefits of kinesio taping or if it's right for you, please call us today at 610-438-2015 to schedule a visit.

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