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4 Benefits Of Medical Massage Therapy

4 Benefits Of Medical Massage Therapy

When you think of massages do you picture a spa? Most people do. It’s only in recent years that more and more people are learning about the benefits that massage therapy can have that go beyond just a relaxation technique. Chiropractic Whole Health recognizes those benefits and is proud to utilize medical massage therapy at our practice, located in Easton, PA.

What is medical massage therapy?

Medical massage is results oriented and specifically targeted to resolve conditions diagnosed by licensed practitioners. We use massage to help our chiropractic patients ready themselves for their adjustments as well as helping to treat the effects of a condition.

Reasons we use it for our patients:

  • It can relieve nerve compression and entrapment: Sometimes, muscle groups will tighten around a nerve, which can contribute to pain, paresthesia, sciatica-like symptoms and even chest pain.

  • Chronic pain sufferers often have a lot of anxiety and depression caused by constantly being in pain. Massage can help ease some of that anxiety and depression in addition to alleviating some of the pain.

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion: A medical massage can offer our patients more range of motion and a higher capacity for normal daily activities.

  • Shortens treatment and helps prevent future problems: When we use massage in conjunction with chiropractic, we’ve noticed our patients need fewer treatments than those who don’t utilize massage as part of their treatment plan.

Chiropractic Whole Health individualizes treatment plans to fit your specific problems. We never go with a blanket solution to your individual problem. One of the reasons we offer massage as a treatment option, is that we are committed to offering our patients the best in chiropractic care.

We can help you gain your life back! (610) 438-2015.

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