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The Power of Acupuncture to Alleviate Chronic Neck Pain

chiropractor believes in the power of acupuncture to alleviate chronic neck pain

Have you ever shuddered at the thought of acupuncture? Looked at a picture of someone with needles in them and thought “No way! Not me!”? However, with opiate pain killer addiction on the rise, many in the medical community are seeking other methods for pain relief. A study in 2012 found that acupuncture was better than no treatment or simulated acupuncture for use in four chronic pain conditions. One of those was using acupuncture for chronic neck pain. Chiropractic Whole Health, located in Easton PA, is always evolving to help our patients live natural, healthy and pain free lives. That’s why we offer acupuncture.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been in use for thousands of years. The philosophy of Chinese medicine is by freeing blocked energy, disease can be prevented or resolved. Using acupuncture needles unblocks the energy, allowing the body to regulate itself. Tiny needles (much thinner than anything you usually find at the doctor’s office!) are inserted into certain points to stimulate a neurologic response. Most patients either feel nothing or just a tiny pinch.

Western medicine and acupuncture:

  • A German study with more than 14,000 participants reported that the ones that had acupuncture as part of their treatment plan for chronic neck pain reported greater pain relief than those that didn’t.

  • Relatively few side effects are reported in studies from the use of acupuncture. This means it’s significantly lower-risk than most chronic pain treatments.

  • The FDA regulates acupuncture needles as medical devices. This means all production of needles is regulated to strict safety standards and methods of production.

Chiropractic Whole Health has been devoted since the beginning to seeking the best solutions for our patients. Call us today to find out how we can help you get back to a life filled with the activities you love! (610) 438-2015.

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