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Easton PA chiropractor uses myofascial release to relieve chronic pain

Easton PA chiropractor uses myofascial release to relieve chronic pain

Are you tired of being in pain? Does nothing you try seem to work to relieve the pain in your shoulders, neck, back and arms? You aren't alone. Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor's office! Chiropractic Whole Health, located in Easton, PA, wants you to live a life with no restrictions due to pain. We offer treatments tailored to your specific needs. One method that we employ is myofascial release.

Understanding myofascial release:

To understand myofascial release, we must first explain what myofascial tissue is. It is connective tissue that is thin, strong, and fibrous. It provides support and protection for the muscles and bones. The tissue is a pliable web-like structure that can stretch and tighten based upon the load put on it.

Sometimes, areas within the myofascial web tighten into stiff and anchored areas. These are referred to as trigger points. Myofascial release is a manual therapy technique that uses gentle pressure and stretching to release restricted movement, dramatically reducing pain. Some conditions myofascial release may help with:

  • Back pain: Treatment can restore motion and flexibility to the entire spine.

  • Bulging disc: Myofascial release can decrease the tightness in the tissues, leading to a decrease in pain and symptoms.

  • Chronic pain: Treatments can help eliminate pain due to scarring from previous injuries.

  • Frozen shoulder: It can restore mobility to tissue that is adhered to and surrounding the shoulder joint.

  • Headaches or migraines: Treatment can decrease tightness and restore the mobility around the nerves and joints of the neck. It restores alignment of the spinal bones.

We believe in coordinated care. Collaborating with your other medical health professionals can lead to greater success in alleviating pain and restoring your ability to live your life to its fullest. Call us today at 610-438-2015 for a consultation to get started. 610-438-2015

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