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Benefits of Chiropractic Care And Rehabilitation for High Intensity Athletes

Remaining active and engaging in physical exercise is important for many patients in the Easton, PA area. Dr. Rob, Dr. Kevin and the team at Chiropractic Whole Health support our local athletes in their endeavors. This includes helping them with quality care during their physical activities as well as rehabilitation support after. We strive to ensure our patients are staying within the limitations of their bodies while enjoying their physical activity of choice.

We are seeing more engagement in high intensity physical activity such as boot camps, Insanity workouts, PiYo, Spartan runs and CrossFit. The popularity of these workouts has allowed more patients to achieve levels of fitness they never imagined possible. While pushing the body to become more active and fit is great, there can be stress on the body from such vigorous workouts. Often, our patients do not even know the body has been stressed beyond its limits until they begin feeling pain – particularly around the neck, shoulders, hips and back. Patients who engage in these popular workouts can benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care.

While high intensity workouts are generally extremely efficient at burning calories, building muscle, and increasing energy levels, it can also stress and potentially damage ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues. Regular chiropractic care can allow our team to monitor the body and ensure the workouts are being performed safely and the body is able to properly recover, ultimately allowing athletes to perform better.

Visiting the team at Chiropractic Whole Health can help prevent trauma, and minimize the potential for injury. Before workouts, a Functional Movement Screen and Chiropractic exam can highlight areas of weakness or imbalance. During training, therapies such as muscle energy techniques, massage therapy, therapeutic modalities and chiropractic adjustments can help our patients heal quicker. After competition, our team can assist with recovery so they are ready for the next event. Doing this gives our patients the peace of mind that the muscles are being worked properly while minimizing injury and allowing them to perform their best. If an injury does occur, our rehabilitation services can address any problems. We can develop a plan to heal the injured areas and help our patients return to their activities as soon as possible.

If you are in the Easton, PA area and have decided to start a high intensity workout, we recommend coming into our office for a consultation so we can discuss the benefits of working closely with a chiropractic team during your exercise routine.

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