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Chiropractic Whole Health treats patients from Easton, Forks Township, Palmer Township, Phillipsburg, and Nazareth with the highest standard of care. Whether for a car accident, work injury, or a desire to perform at optimal levels, our team gives our all for you. We appreciate the feedback our patients offer and invite you to read their testimonials.

Testimonials from 2017

I am so happy to find a chiropractor who I can trust, knowing he listens to your situation and has the knowledge to treat! THANK YOU! I am feeling so much better! B.E.
I called for the first time, Susan got me in right away and was friendly. Dr. Bailey put me at ease as I was nervous because I couldn't move my head. Staff and Dr could not have been any nicer. I would highly recommend them. S.P.
For nearly 10 years Dr. Rob has helped with many different issues be they related to my back locking up, muscular issues, or problems with my neck, foot, or legs. He takes the time to assess what is going on and address any issues with care. He has done therapies when muscles needed it and has given me strengthening and stretching movements to do at home. Through his care I have enjoyed the best health I could hope for. I know my wife feels exactly the same. We have both recommended Dr. Rob to many people! Danny F.

Testimonials from 2016

I called somewhat desperate on a Saturday with pretty bad lower back pain (had never been there before). This was the only chiropractor to call me back that day and the receptionist said the Dr was booked, but if he didn't have anything scheduled he might be able to stay after his normal hours. Unfortunately he had other plans, but I was still impressed that this sounded like a regular thing they would do for someone in pain. We made an appointment for 1st thing Monday morning. You can't ask for more than that! I was impressed! Very organized and friendly. I had 2 visits and each time I left SO MUCH better than I had gone in. I've been to 1 other chiropractor who was a little quick with adjustments (not rough, but kind of abrupt). Dr. Bailey was not like that at all. I left there very at ease and in way less pain than I went in. T hank you for your excellent service. If the need arises, I will definitely use you again. M.F.
Dr. Kevin really took the time to listen to my health issues and concerns. We went over my nutrition and supplements. I was glad to see that he took his time with the adjustment and evaluated my overall condition. I felt great later that day. M.N.
Felt very comfortable from the very beginning. Dr. Bailey came in with a listening ear and worked with me to help me figure out what was wrong and how to fix it! I will highly recommend to others! A.P.
Everyone that I had interaction with was phenomenal! The website is great! Your staff if so nice and extremely Friendly! You can tell he (Dr. Smith) sincerely cares for the health and well being of the person he is meeting with. Thank you for understanding and taking the time to meet with me! I feel better just knowing that your practice cares for my well being. I look forward to my future visits. N.C.
Very informative, answering all my questions and making sure I understood everything. He (Dr. Bailey) made sure that I was comfortable with everything he was going to do for my first visit which was nice! M.G.
Dr. Rob has helped me tremendously after I was involved in a car accident. He genuinely wants to help his patients feel as healthy and pain free as possible. He is extremely knowledgeable and kind. His staff is welcoming and very helpful. I've been under Dr. Robs care for several years and trust him fully, not only with my health, but the health of my husband and children. He is now as much our doctor as he is our friend. I highly recommend him! Bay L.
Dr. Rob and his team go above and beyond caring about my health. He not only genuinely cares; he always listens and offers what is usually the perfect advice. He is such a kind doctor and does his best to help you and if for some reason he cannot, he won't hesitate to refer you to a specialist. I trust Dr. Rob 100% and I have been a patient of his for several years. Ma D.
I have been a patient of Dr. Smith's for several years now. I have had numerous back and neck problems which have caused me great pain, and loss of activity/work. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs were not for me. Thanks to Dr. Smith's treatments and care, I am fully functional! I credit his systematic approach, his rehabilitative exercises, and overall concern with my health for this. He has earned my trust, and I highly recommend him to everyone in my life. The entire office is extremely professional and just plain nice. I feel that I owe them all a great deal as I can enjoy my life and regular activities again. Sarah L.
I absolutely love this office. I come in with all kinds of random issues, from run-of-the-mill tight shoulders or a tweaked lower back, to knee or foot pain (thanks, yoga, or just aging and life in general), and Dr. Rob fixes me right up. His toolbox is varied--there's often some new technique he brings out. He works on the muscles to loosen them up before adjusting you, which to me is a big deal, because some chiros don't take this step and they just go in and do their business and send you on your way. I love talking to him about nutrition and food and the body; his knowledge of these topics is extensive and, naturally, holistic. He was also the first person to accurately assess my thyroid/adrenal issues, before I went for more extensive testing, so for that I am grateful, too. Yes, chiros can and DO order lab work. Carrie H.
Finding a good chiropractor is hard, so when you find one let it be known. I strongly recommend Dr. Kevin. No pressure, no unnecessary visits and quality care with flexible hours. Carlos G.
I was referred here by a couple of friends. Scheduling was a breeze, I liked that all the paperwork was online, and office staff were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Rob was thorough and answered all of my questions. I liked the muscle work he did before adjusting me, and treatment felt great! Happy to be back to working out. Lee S.
Absolutely fantastic! I have been a patient for almost 5 years and had nothing but top of the line care. Everyone has been very helpful in working with my on my variety of ailments from chronic low back and neck pain to migraine headaches. Highly recommend them all. Karen S.
Dr. Smith has been treating my chronic neck pain for almost 13 years, and I am so grateful for his knowledge and care! Don is also a terrific deep tissue massage therapist. They take the time to listen to what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice if you're looking for professional, competent and caring treatment from the time you walk into their office, until the time you leave! Carol B.
The first time I went, I was extremely nervous, but felt wonderful after I left, and now go for monthly appointments.

From the office staff to the time with my Dr. makes Chiropractic Whole health a great experience.

Dr. Smith's care is evident with each appointment. Dr. Smith is knowledgeable and finds out information you may be seeking answers in. He is also very gentle when adjusting.

The office also has a great line of excellent, quality supplements.

I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for chiropractic care. Becky O.
Dr. Smith & his team are the best!

Dr. Smith is extremely knowledgeable and caring. He is really listens & formulates a healing plan individually for each of his patients. He is very gentle when he does an adjustment and incorporates light table traction, ultrasound and electro stim as needed into his appointments.

The massage therapists are excellent and the office staff is kind, helpful & patient. I recommend Dr. Smith and his practice highly. B.S.
Dr. Rob is a wonderful doctor that really cares about his patients! I was having extreme back/neck pain and he is the only one who has taken the steps to help me figure out what is causing it. He is a true ally to his patients and besides being extremely knowledgeable in chiropractic care, he is very knowledgeable in many other areas as well. It's so nice to be able to run something by him (as simple as which vitamins to take or which neck pillow he recommends) and get a valued response. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well! It's a great office/team that I highly recommend! L. Christine
I am a firm believer in Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy as part of my routine to be as healthy as possible. I've been seen by a number of Chiropractors over the years, and I can say with confidence that Dr. Rob Smith gives the best care possible...I take my 94-year-old mother to him, too!

So, whether you're beginning to explore the possibility of becoming a healthier, or you've just moved into the area and need a new Chiropractor, Chiropractic WholeHealth is the place to go. I highly recommend them; they'll take good care of you. Sue C.
When I have spent too much time on the tractor and my back is as crooked as the rows I plow Doc Rob gets me make to the straight!! Thanks, and his staff finds a way to make surer I was seen ASAP! Dave R.
Dr. Rob has helped me tremendously after I was involved in a car accident. He is genuine and extremely knowledgeable. I trust him to treat myself, and my family, including my newborn. He takes his time and asks questions in order to give the best treatment possible. I've been going to Dr. Rob for years. Not only is he a wonderful doctor but I also see him as our friend. His staff is welcoming and kind. A great place to go for true health and wellness! Laura F.

Testimonials from 2015

Dr. Rob is a wonderful doctor that really cares about his patients! I was having extreme back/neck pain and he is the only one who has taken the steps to help me figure out what is causing it. He is a true ally to his patients and besides being extremely knowledgeable in chiropractic care, he is very knowledgeable in many other areas as well. It's so nice to be able to run something by him (as simple as which vitamins to take or which neck pillow he recommends) and get a valued response. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well! Its a great office/team that I highly recommend! L. Christine R.
Friendly staff. Doctor is prepared, thorough, caring. Clear explanations. Treatment was comprehensive and very effective. Anonymous
I believe that Dr. Smith genuinely cares and has myself, as the patient, interest at heart. As I have seen his growth in business through the years, I have a great deal of respect and trust in his choices in growth for his staff and business. Holly O.
Friendly, professional, informative Diane L.
It takes a lot of effort to keep my aging body going. This place is great! Scott D.
I really enjoy working with Dr. Smith. He has been so helpful over the years. Leslie M.
Everyone has been more than helpful to me. Janice F.
Dr. Smith has fixed all my back problems. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable. The best chiro I have ever been to is Dr. Smith. #1. John A.
The best I have ever felt using chiro doctor. Excellent. Very helpful and spends the time needed for questions. Staff friendly and helpful. Rosemarie W.
Everyone is so very nice and caring. I have gotten so much relief from my ailments and will continue with treatment for as long as I can! I am so glad I found Dr. Rob! Elaine B.
Very helpful-excellent medical advice and procedures- respectful and caring Joan D.
Pleased with service. Overall glad I found this office. Feeling much better now! Malinda F.
Dr. Smith goes above and beyond caring about my chiropractic health. He not only genuinely cares about his patients, he always listens and offers what is usually the perfect advice, no matter what the subject.

I have never felt that I have waited an unreasonable amount of time waiting to be seen by Dr. Smith, however if that should occur I would not mind because I know Dr. Smith takes the time to address each of his patients needs and to me that says it all!

The staff have always been respectful and professional and I have come to know them pretty well. I always feel comfortable and welcome Donna K.
I typically come on Saturday with Dr. Bailey and never have to wait no matter what my appointment time. Even if I call during the week I do not wait very long to see either doctor once I arrive at the office.

I never feel rushed out of the office when I see either Dr. Bailey or Smith. They take their time and make sure I am feeling better before I leave the office. Bryan R.
Dr. Rob is such a kind, caring doctor and always does his best help you and if for some unknown reason he cannot, he won't hesitate to refer you to a MD. Dr. Rob always has your best interest in mind. He wants what is best for his patients health and well being. I trust Dr. Rob 100% and I have been a patient of his for several years.

Robin is very helpful with all billing questions and handling the medical insurance

Whenever I have an ache or pain, Dr. Rob takes the time to listen and ask me questions so he can give me the best treatment possible to ease my discomfort and get me on the road to recovery asap. Michelle S.
I am stunned by the level of care you get here. I have, and do recommend people often. Dr. Smith's knowledge, patience and guidance in taking a hand in your general as well as chiropractic health is second to none.

I am even able to get some when I call last minute. They keep a list of cancellations and call if they know I requested to come in. Very efficient and considerate to the patients needs.

I love the girls here! Always polite, kind and patient, and they always know what they are doing. BIG plus!

Robin is incredible in her insurance knowledge and patience, and Angie and Susan are highly supportive. Kim B.
Dr. Smith is extremely caring and always does what he believes is best for his patients. When he recommends seeing another type of doctor, he will always follow up to see how his patient is doing. I never feel rushed during an appointment and Dr. Smith thoroughly reviews history and anything that must be done outside of the appointment. He is truly a great doctor! Dee S.
Total Health Care: that is what you provide. You are concerned with my issues, history and other medical treatment outside your office. You are my first resource for treatment and I value your opinion.

You are my 1st choice for care and support. I have faith in you and always feel as each visit enhances my health.

Staff is excellent. Full explanations, support with insurance issue, total support. Never a question in my mind that your billing is accurate.

THE BEST. Everyone, repeat, Everyone is supportive, friendly and amiable. You feel like family when visiting. Dennis O.
Dr. Bailey always asks about what has been happening with me to better treat whatever I've come in for. He explains what he's doing as he treats me.

Dr. Bailey has always provided excellent treatment because he listens to what my concerns are and focuses on adjustments that relieve my pain.

All of my office visits have been prompt. pleasant and helpful. I've always felt welcomed and know that my pain relief is their focus. Adrienne G.
Always 100% satisfied with the service and the results of my visit. Jacob T.
I like that Dr. Smith tries to do things naturally instead of jumping into medication. Top-notch! Carol G.
I am truly amazed at Dr. Smith's ability and dedication to treat not only my spine, but various musculoskeletal issues which have cropped up throughout the course of my treatment. So grateful to have found your office - your care is excellent! Elyssia M.
Wonderful and caring staff! Ray D.

Testimonials from 2014:

The stretches and strength training have kept my back and hip in good shape Anonymous
Dr. Smith is excellent... the staff is friendly and helpful. Donna is an amazing massage therapist. Really enjoy my visits to their office! Bonnie C.
I will definitely return for appointments. Dr. Bailey (Dr. Smith's associate) is awesome! Dr. Bailey is very knowledgeable and friendly. He really tries to get to know his patients so he can personalize his care as much as possible. I like most how he explains exactly what he does as he does it, so I get an idea of what's going on and why. Anonymous
I have been to other chiropractors in the past, Dr. Rob is an excellent chiropractor. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Office staff is very professional and friendly. J. Anne
LOVE Dr Smith!!! I've been going to him for about 5 yrs or so now. My kids go to him too. He's a fabulous chiropractor! Abbie P.
I am extremely pleased with my treatments. I am gaining relief from a chronic neck and upper back issue that I have had for years. Anna C.
I believe the entire staff in the office is extremely professional and courteous. I have already recommended others to this office. Karen S, Northampton, PA
More than excellent! I have (referred others) and will continue to do so! Laura F, Forks Township
The office staff squeezed me in for my first appointment because I was in pain. Dr. Bailey is pleasant and explains everything clearly. On all three of my visits I felt much better after each treatment, almost no pain. If a problem occurs in the future, I will not hesitate to return for treatment. Annette S, Forks Township
Dr. Smith is the greatest! Knowledgable, caring, every aspect of care is great. Can’t say enough good things. Loretta P.
You (Dr. Smith) and your staff have been wonderful. I am so happy that my friend referred me. Jenna H.
Angie the receptionist is very personable. (Doctor Smith’s) demeanor is trustworthy. Anonymous
12 years of low back pain, 2 visits with Dr. Bailey and I feel 10 years younger. Thanks! Steve L.
After many months of Doctor visits, PT, MRI’s, I am amazed and blessed by the positive results from my treatment sessions—my only regret is that I waited so long to make my first appointment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Loretta M.
Dr. Rob is very kind and considerate. He is genuinely concerned for my well-being. I had been suffering with pain in my shoulder and arm for many months. Dr. Rob diagnosed the pain as tendonitis and began treating it immediately. Amazingly the pain subsided after a few treatments. It is a true blessing to have been introduced to Dr. Rob’s practice! Bonnie C.
Great service overall. Very happy with outcome of visits. Heather J.
Dr. Smith was very thorough and genuinely cared about my well being. Superior care from a great doctor that understands Chiropractic, knowledgable doctor with a great personality. Someone that I totally trust with my well being. Bryan R, Forks Twp
The first time calling was a very friendly and caring conversation. They were very accommodating and I had an appointment within days! Very cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and appointments are on schedule. Dr. Smith is a very soft spoken gentleman, knows exactly where I have the discomfort before I tell him and portrays a true concern for my well being. I finally have relief from pain and stress due to the adjustments that I’m receiving. I’ve been following Dr. Smith’s advice regarding exercise and stretching in between adjustments. I felt so much better within weeks and plan on continuing treatments for better health. Tracy F, Phillipsburg, NJ
You put me at such ease. Going to a chiropractor was something I didn’t feel I could ever do. You are very knowledgeable and I was surprised how much you were able to help me not only with my chiropractic needs but also with the surgery needed on my knee. Thank you for all you did for me. Cindy S, Phillipsburg
I would definitely return for maintenance appointments. Dr. Bailey is awesome! Dr. Bailey is very knowledgeable and friendly! He really tries to get to know his patients so he can personalize his care as much as possible. I like most how he explains exactly what he does as he does it, so I get an idea of what's going on and why. Heather T, Forks
It was a very enjoyable learning experience Ja'juan B, Bethlehem
I was in a lot of pain when I went to see Dr. Bailey. Now, I am pain free. I was using a cane. Now I walk without it. I cannot thank Dr. Bailey enough for 'fixing' me up and allowing me to once again walk without help and to be pain free. Thank you Doc! In all my visits, I was not kept waiting for long periods in the waiting room for my appointment. Dr. Bailey was quite knowledgeable and always answered my questions to my satisfaction. He is a nice young man and he seems to really care about his patients and about making them feel better. P Madine, Forks

Testimonials from 2013:

Dr. Smith was so helpful with my back and hip. His excellent professional care put me on the road to recovery! I appreciate the time he took to help get to the root of my pain. The stretches and strength training have kept my back and hip in good shape. I was thankful for the follow up to make sure I was still doing well! I would recommend any of my friends or family to Dr. Smith! C Vargas
Dr. Rob was able to help me with a shoulder injury that I suffered during a Crossfit workout. He really checked me out thoroughly and was able to put together a rehab plan that, along with adjustments, deep tissue work and some kinesiotaping, fixed the problem. He and his staff are great, very accommodating and helpful. Highly recommended. Leroy S.
I am a pain-free person who found Dr. Smith's office through recommendations by several friends. I experienced back trauma after another driver hit my car (I was completely stopped, he didn't even brake).

Within days my back was tight and in pain. I had always been interested in chiropractic and this was my introduction. I visited Dr. Smith for a couple of months. I experienced improvement within two visits. First, the tightness was lifted, and I tell you, nearly a year later and I sometimes completely forget about this entire experience of the muscle/back trauma.

The service, professionalism, and accommodation received at Dr. Smith's office was excellent. I remember the pricing to be very reasonable as well.

I highly recommend this office to anyone seeking chiropractic care. Lauren W.
I was skeptical at first having never been to a chiropractor. Dr. Smith has changed my mind! His care has been invaluable. Dr. Smith listens thoroughly and does a detailed examination. The combination of therapy, exercise, adjustments and nutrition is truly holistic. Highly recommended! Anonymous
Dr. Smith is a God-send for me as well as so many others! His conscientiousness and patient-oriented approach are key, and his up-front caring is evident. Dr. Smith's care is the very best out there and I receive that every time I visit. Dr. Smith's way of hearing my concerns and addressing them is key. He is not doing the minimum of care for those who come to him he does it all! Anonymous
Everyone is always friendly, professional and patient Anonymous
I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the chiropractic care I received at your office last year. With your help, I recovered completely from a traumatizing auto accident. As a healthy, young, pain-free person, I was jarred by the sudden symptoms of tightness and pain as a result of my accident. I sought a chiropractor through my network of friends. Your office came recommended to me by several people. I began feeling improvement in my back immediately after a couple of visits and today I am 100% pain free. I often completely forget about my accident—but I have not forgotten the good experience at your office. Lauren W, Easton
I appreciate feedback requested at the start of each visit as to how I feel Anonymous
Very satisfied, very friendly, very caring Anonymous
Cordial, welcoming staff. Flexibility is improving, weight is decreasing. Keep up the good work. Diane L, Forks
Dr. Smith listened to my crazy schedule and didn’t push more treatment than was humanly possible! Anonymous
I like that it is whole health care Anonymous
I appreciate and value the thorough explanation of my MRI test, better helping me to understand my condition. It enables me to take better control of my health. Ken T, Forks
I am feeling a lot better now and using the exercises Dr. Rob gave me for my neck. Thank you. Elaine B., Forks
Everyone is professional, courteous and friendly. Dr. Smith knows exactly what to do. Barb F, Easton

Testimonials from 2012:

Great group of people: polite, effective and thorough. Anonymous
Very courteous and accommodating. Very attentive to my needs. Anonymous
I am extremely pleased with my treatments. I am gaining relief from a chronic neck and upper back issue that I have had for years. Sue C, Nazareth
I really like the newsletter. It is very informative. Dr. Smith is a wonderful, caring doctor. Robin and Angie are awesome too. I'm very pleased with my treatment. Thank you all. Carol G, Forks Twp

Testimonials from 2011:

I was extremely happy with your service. Thank you. Bob P., Easton
Very grateful to Dr. Smith for his information that got me to find out about an internal medical problem. Many thanks, Gae H.
He treats body, mind and spirit. Full of integrity. Takes his time and listens. Anonymous
I have been a patient of Dr. Smith’s since 1999 and throughout the past 12 years have experienced professional, caring, and effective treatment & counseling (exercise/nutrition) from him. Regardless of the terminology that an insurance company may use, Dr. Smith is truly my ‘primary care physician’.

Why am I writing a testimonial after 12 years?

I thought it important others understood how well he cares for his patients. In August, 2010 I fell and fractured my clavicle. I did not require surgery and the orthopedic surgeon diagnosed me as recovered with no restrictions.

Dr. Smith analyzed my situation differently and after a few tests it was evident that something was amiss. Dr. Smith provided a referral to a different surgeon, who determined that the fractured bone did not heal and surgery will be required. The other surgeon commented positively on Dr. Smith’s attention to detail, diagnostic skills, patient focus, and willingness to seek alternate opinions when caring for a patient. From my experience, it is a very fortunate occurrence when you find a chiropractor and a physician (or surgeon) working so closely in consort. This exemplifies Dr. Smith’s concern for the patient’s total well being.

If it were not for Dr. Smith, my pain and condition would have worsened. Now, I am confident of the surgeon, the treatment plan, and the continued support of Dr. Smith. My heartfelt thanks,
Dennis O.

Testimonials from 2010:

Honest and straightforward, concerned with my overall health and not just the problem I came in with. More thorough than other practitioners I have visited. Convenient hours and a friendly atmosphere. The really good doctors are very busy...appointments are not always easy to get but are worth waiting for Dar V.
The best chiropractor I've ever been to! Friendly, caring, holistic. Hours are very convenient because I work late. The combination of adjustments, exercise and nutrition got me better quickly. I had a disc problem in my neck which I thought would need surgery, but thank goodness he saved me from that. Highly recommended. John M.
Dr. Smith, being from out of state I couldn't have gotten better treatment even from my own doctor. Many thanks to you and your staff. Gratefully yours, Bert B. (South Carolina)
Very skilled and devoted to helping me feel better. Diana B, Forks Township
Dr. Smith and his office staff do an outstanding job-They offer the best chiropractic in my experience-Thank You! Anonymous
I have been so pleased and relieved with my treatment. Thank you! Extremely thorough. Beyond impressed. Elyssia M., Nazareth, PA
I had lower back problems for 5 years that were getting worse. Dr. Smith diagnosed the problem and fixed it! Thank you Rob! Anonymous
After a weekened of acute pain they accommodated me with an office visit ASAP. (Dr. Smith) is sensitive and compassionate. Julia T., Palmer, PA


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