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Side Effects & Safety

Are adjustments safe?

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that has been safely used to treat numerous health concerns. Although a completely risk-free treatment does not exist, chiropractic care has only a slight risk of adverse effects. Properly performed adjustments are extremely safe and include only the care to which you have consented. Drs. Smith and Bailey have received many years of training and have adjusted thousands of individuals. We know what to adjust and, just as importantly, we know what we should NOT adjust.
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What about after surgery? Pregnancy? Children? Elderly?

Chiropractic has been proven a safe modality in all of these situations. We have treated children of all ages, Mothers-to-be, post-surgical patients and the elderly with wonderful results. Chiropractic training has taught us how to employ proper techniques for numerous scenarios, and how to identify specific risk factors, which allows us to provide the utmost care within each patient's comfort level. When necessary, we are happy to refer a patient to the appropriate specialist.

What's wrong with cracking my own back and neck?

Many people experience temporary relief when they move their neck or back a certain way or have a friend do it for them. The problem with self-adjusting or having an untrained person "pop" your neck or back is a lack of specific intent. A trained, licensed chiropractor identifies the true source of tension or pain and applies force in the proper direction to mobilize the joint in question. A simple "pop" or "crack" does not accomplish what it may seem. In fact, it can cause greater instability of the spinal joints.

What if I only have muscle pain?

Chiropractic physicians such as Drs. Smith and Bailey do more than "set joints." Their expertise in the neuromusculoskeletal system enables them to properly evaluate and care for the joints and muscles as well as the entire nervous system. For the body to function properly, various parts of the body must work in unison. We work with the body systems to create the harmony through which you can feel your best.
Don't put off the evaluation and care you need. Trust the experts at Chiropractic Whole Health to answer your questions and set you on a path to recovery.


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