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Prevention and Maintenance

Why do I need treatment when my back doesn't hurt anymore?

We are encouraged to see our dentist for checkups and cleanings, to have our car inspected on a regular basis, and to obtain a yearly physical from our medical doctor. In the same manner, the spinal check-up and "tune-up" can prevent small problems from growing into something painful. "Pain is usually the last symptom to show up, and the first to go away."

How often do I need a check-up?

Although this will vary from person to person, once chiropractic care has restored normal alignment and motion to affected joints, it is beneficial to receive a check-up and adjustment every 6-8 weeks. During that short period, the spine is put through quite a lot.

What can I do at home to maximize chiropractic care?

Between your visits with Dr. Smith or Dr. Bailey, you can protect your spine and your overall wellbeing with good posture and healthy sleep. We also encourage healthy eating habits and exercise that fits your physical needs. Daily home care and healthy routines are an essential part of disease prevention and the enhancement of life.

What if I don’t receive regular chiropractic care?

Routine chiropractic care is designed to prevent problems. Symptoms of dysfunction or disease often do not occur for many years and are really the last sign of a problem. Often, people with conditions such as heart disease or cancer are surprised with their diagnosis and saddened to learn that a healthy lifestyle could have prevented their condition.

Why is chiropractic care important?

The spine is an integral part of the body. It is from here that organs and cells know what to do to support health and mobility! The health of the spine affects not only flexibility and mobility but also breathing, organ function, body mechanics such as posture, and our overall quality of living. Back pain can be more than painful, it can be disabling.
Chiropractic care is a small investment that provides you with an immense reward: your health!

Don't chiropractors make you keep coming back forever?

We design treatment plans around the individual. After the initial course of treatment, which is aimed at reducing inflammation and pain and improving mechanical function, we recommend periodic check-ups and adjustments. The timing for checkups is about every 6-8 weeks. When this maintenance schedule is followed, patients notice they actually require less chiropractic care throughout the year because we are preventing problems rather than treating them.
Remember . . .
  • The absence of pain does not mean there is no problem.
  • Chiropractic care is not about treating symptoms but about emphasizing wellness.
  • Staying healthy and preventing injury minimizes the need for frequent visits.
  • Our goal is to minimize discomfort and maximize function!
"The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and, in the cause and prevention of disease." ~ Thomas A. Edison


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