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Jennifer Racazzo

Jennifer Ragazzo, Holistic Health Coach

Jennifer acquired her certification in Holistic Health Coaching from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied hundreds of different dietary theories, innovative coaching methods, and practical lifestyle management techniques enabling her to help her clients achieve their health goals, often reverse or prevent disease and feel amazing. Jennifer is constantly striving to learn more about the interconnectedness of the human body is currently pursuing her certification in Applied Functional Medicine in order to enhance her ability to help her clients get to the root cause(s) of their health issues and imbalances. She also has a BA in Psychology and an Ed.M. in Education from Rutgers University.

In working with Jennifer, clients will:
  • figure out what dietary and lifestyle changes they need to make in order to feel and function their best.
  • make the connections between their physical, mental, spiritual and relational health, find balance in various areas and optimize their overall health.
  • develop a deeper understanding of the food and life style choices that work best for them and improve energy, pain management, mental focus, clarity, leading to overall joy and satisfaction in their lives.
  • set goals that are sustainable, reasonable and attainable and be held accountable for working towards them.
  • Health assessments often may require further testing such as bloodwork, hair analysis, or saliva testing, depending on the particular symptoms or health issues that the client is presenting. Jennifer will work in conjunction with Dr. Smith to provide optimal care and services for each client’s particular health situation.
  • Just like health issues take time to arise, the healing and implementation of changes to do so take time. The health coaching relationship is one that works best in a series of scheduled counseling sessions over a period of time that is determined in the initial health inventory. Jennifer is fully committed to offering support and guidance throughout the transformational process with her clients and journeying with them start to finish.

Jennifer will have office hours available at Chiropractic Whole Health on Fridays and Saturdays by appointment only. Other appointment times are available throughout the week via phone or Skype. All appointments must be made through Jennifer and as well as payments processed directly through her. If you would like to learn more about Jennifer and her practice, please visit www.keepingitrealwithjen.com If you would like to join her Facebook community where you will learn health tips, recipes and other tidbits on living a clean and healthy life, request to join HERE


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