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Curious about some of the details behind who we are and what we do?  Check out this article written by The American Chiropractic Association to learn more: 

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Simplifying Weight Loss: 3 Key Principles to Guide Your Program

Losing weight can seem pretty complicated: Which diet should I follow? How many calories should I eat? How often should I exercise? What kinds of exercises should I do? Fortunately, in wading through the reams of information, advice and suggestions, we can whittle down weight loss to a few simple principles. Follow these three and weight loss won't be a mystery any longer.
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Do Hospitals Take More Lives Than They Save?

When you're suffering from any type of acute illness or traumatic injury, receiving treatment for a severe, chronic condition, or even experiencing the joy of childbirth, where do you go? The hospital, of course, where helping hands with a wealth of tools at their disposal stand ready to help. But what if your hospital visit not only didn't improve your condition, but made it worse – terminally worse?
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Three Reasons You Need to Eat Breakfast

Would you ever try to drive your car without putting gas in it? Would you ever drive cross country before giving your car engine oil or coolant?If you try to get going with your day without any breakfast, that's basically what you're doing to your body. Here are three reasons eating breakfast will provide the fuel you need to accomplish your long to-do list for the day.
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Understanding Cortisol, the Stress Hormone

Cortisol is a stress hormone your body secretes to help your organs function optimally, quickly and more effectively during periods of stress. This worked great when we ran away from predators while out hunting, but unlike our ancestors, we don't need to elude lions anymore. Yet our body continues to have this response when we are anxious or stressed. Over time, it can dramatically affect our health.
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